There are several factors that make our platform more attractive.  The three main benefits are flexibility, affordability, and creativity. 

As application integrators, we specialize in connecting disparate systems in a seamless interface, transparent to the user.  What this means is that we can interface with non-travel systems like client databases, accounting, merchandising, etc., and integrate that into the travel platform.  This reduces agent workload, increases accuracy, helps with process control and QA, and improves performance overall.  We typically see a productivity increase of around 50%, which can directly impact your bottom line.

This leads to the second benefit of affordability.  While there are many other travel platforms on the market, we tend to be significantly less expensive.  We leverage our existing technology to create customized applications specific to the clients need.  While this sounds expensive, our platform is designed to integrate, which makes us not only flexible, but very affordable.  Overall, we’re making money only when the client is.

Finally, the flexibility we’ve designed into the system gives us the capability to be incredibly creative. We also put many of the interface tools into the client’s hands, so they can control not only the applications look and feel, they can control the options associated with the platform.  For example, if a particular customer didn’t want to offer hotels through the platform, that option can easily be turned off, without additional programming cost.

Furthermore, since we’re an applications integrator, we’re not just a travel platform.  We can interface with merchandise, gift cards, experiences, membership programs, concierge services, and a nearly unlimited number of other products and services.   We can create interfaces to almost any provider and build internal databases to support those who cannot interface directly.  The platform is designed to be robust, scalable, secure and custom.  Even though there are hundreds of clients using it today, each has its own look and feel, and each has its own options.  We’re a ‘cookie cutter’ solution if you want simplicity, or we’re a fully custom platform capable of creating a unique experience for your client.  We’re also web based, which allows us to operate on almost any platform, so integration into a client environment is transparent.  Fully automated, we’re able to process transactions with or without user intervention.

Beyond that, we are multi-lingual and multi-currency.   One of the currencies we can utilize is the currency of points, or any loyalty marketing solution.   We have the capability to instantly convert points to be able to purchase through the platform.  The platform also supports a mixed currency purchase, which means that you can pay in dollars, points, or a combination thereof.  Depending on configuration and need, points can be used to pay for much more than just travel and merchandise, it can pay for other products, services, fees and taxes.  We treat all currencies in the same manner and can process payments using any of your choosing.

Again, the flexibility we offer provides a creative way to interface with and support your client.